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The Venus Factor is a diet and body building course for ladies that plans to deliver a perfect body shape with the most visually pleasing proportions. Since everyone has different height, waist and hips, so, there body proportion will also be different. With the help of “The Venus Index”, ideal body ratio for unique body is determined. And John Barban, author of the venus factor book, has designed his guide so as to assist girls in achieving their venus index. He promises his course is a lot greater than a weightless program, while it goes well beyond losing excess fat. The very first thing worth saying about The Venus Factor is the fact that it’s created only for females. He promises that merely a diet and workout process created especially for the ladies system may deliver ideal benefits.

He takes his gender unique strategy a step further by producing the workout and diet techniques personalized to personal ladies based on their stature, age and physique.

Components of The Venus Factor

1) The Primary Portable Document Format Manual, which could be published out or continued reading in any device. It has a comprehensive clarification of the viewpoint behind the class and step by step directions for pursuing the dietary plan and exercise recommendations.

2) The Exercise Strategy, which will be a personalized 12 week program that may be executed at home or in any fitness center or gym. A total set of movies is roofed which shows users how to perform all of the proposed workouts.

3) The Virtual Nutritionist, which will be a computer software program which will create a personalized diet regimen in accordance with the personal specifics you supply about yourself.

4) An Online Forum, where you may connect with some other users, ask certain concerns of course and share guidelines and activities with the community. Users can make and share podcasts regarding their activities and make friends with like minded ladies.

Benefits of The Venus Factor

The main power of The Venus Factor is the fact that it’s so simple to follow. The workouts are exhibited and described completely in the videos, and the personalized diet plan is saturated in healthful recipes which are simple to make and taste fantastic. Even when you’re brand new to the whole world of workout and diet you’ll not have difficulty in getting started.

Second major benefit of the program is the fact that you don’t need a gym account or a home gym saturated in costly gear to finish the routines. You will find sessions that can be executed quickly at home with simply the most minimum equipments.

The third key advantage of the program worth mentioning is the fact that the diet system espoused by The Venus Factor doesn’t need militant calorie counting or extreme deprivation. Rather, the focus is on consuming clean whole foods in sensible parts. This will make the regimen easier to stick to and gets ladies in the practice of creating wiser food alternative even when they’re not definitely attempting to shed weight.

Honestly, the only weakness of the course is the fact that it’s certainly not the most suitable choice for ladies who simply need to lose several pounds. The importance is on building the perfect system, which, for most ladies, means dropping some fat while incorporating muscle to several key areas.

The Venus Factor is one of the smartly designed programs that can assist ladies to build a sexy body that attracts everyone. This program is recommended to every girl, who is conscious about her body and understand how to embrace and continue maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Although, the supreme aim of the course is sophisticated, creator John Barban has made the means of reaching it friendly, for even novices. If you need to build a breathtaking body with curves in most the right proportions, this really is the course for you.

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The Venus Factor Program – A Distinctive Approach for Weight Loss

the venus factor program

The initial thing ladies must know about The Venus Factor Program is the fact that this is simply not an easy weight loss program. John Barban made the program for ladies who are seeking lean and hourglass female shape. The program may also be recognized as complete body transformation course. The Venus Factor Program is developed solely for ladies to give them hour glass figure and much of the focus throughout the workout is towards the shoulders. This way, fat is burned off as well as muscles are built. All the routines in The Venus Factor are designed in a circuit fashion and between the workouts; a one min rest is permitted.

How is The Venus Factor Program distinctive?

The Venus Factor Program is distinctive from the belief that its primary focus is towards mastering the form of the ladies body. In comparison, other workout programs for females fail to take physique into consideration. Sustaining an ideal physique is an extremely important factor while contemplating a good workout program and simply the efficient ones totally address this problem. Mainly, other diet plans concentrate on the entire body however they forget to take into consideration the most visible feature in ladies “the physique”. Ladies seeking to shed weight must bear in mind; it is advised to allow them to work with an exercise program which not merely stresses on fat loss, but also mastering the form of the body. As it pertains to fat loss and ideal physique, The Venus Factor Program tops the list.

What is The Venus Index?

The Venus Index specifics that an idea physique for ladies has following dimensions:

Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)
The waist should be approx 38% of your height.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
The hip should be around 42% more than your waist size.

Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR)
The shoulders should be around 62% more than your waist size.

Through this idea of Venus Factor Index, ladies who are willing to purchase the program may remain inspired throughout the process to achieve these desired dimensions of the index. The Venus Factor Program may also turn out to be an excellent guide in adhering to a diet system best fit for shedding weight.

Adding to its success, The Venus factor Program doesn’t stop ladies from consuming their favorite foods, rather it guides them about most effective eating formula and diet regimes relating to their weight loss requirements. Along with dimensions, height and weight, the level of calorie required by the body can also be determined by the Venus Index. The Venus Factor Program is a completely unique and innovative approach for weight loss and it doesn’t resemble any other dieting strategy or fast weight reduction program.

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Get rid of your extra pounds in just 3 months

Internet is flooded with tips, workout formulae and diet plans for women reflecting on how to lose weight. But a shocking research carried out by an independent body of experts have revealed that over 70% of these tips and techniques are not practical and participants have found it very difficult to achieve their goals. Strict diet plans and rigid workout formulae are not only difficult to implement in real life, but also painstaking to continue after a while. The research team has also submitted reviews on several blogs, websites and has handpicked a few of them where success is not far from reality. Reflecting on a few creditable weight loss programs, this team of experts have highlighted select plans where realistic weight loss is possible. Out of these best formulae, today we are going to discuss a bit about the amazing Venus Factor Program.

If you are a regular on internet for health and weight loss issues, you might have came across the amazing Venus factor weight loss program. If not, then this might be one solid reasons why you have not yet lost your unwanted pounds. But, no worries, this post will help you to know everything about it and then, there will be no one standing in between you and your weight loss goals.

Customized Nutrition and Workout Plan

The Venus Factor Program involves a customized nutrition plan based on scientifically calculated guidelines, choice of nutrients and calorie check charts. This diet and nutrition plan is combined with a struggle free practical workout plan for the entire body. It is designed for twelve weeks (three months) which is sufficient for you to get back into an amazing shape without having to lose your patience.

Venus Factor Program - Diet Plan

Women from all over the world, who have followed this routine, have expressed immense joy on the success they have achieved. This dedicated weight loss program for women doesn’t let your body get thicker, bulkier or out of shape even when you stop following it. Isn’t that wow? The author of the Venus Factor Program is John Barban, a world class health trainer and fitness expert with years of experience in nutrition, weight loss and physiology.

Venus Factor Program – Reduce without Restrictions

This program doesn’t restrict your diet choices and doesn’t ask you to starve. You can eat the food you are fond of and still you will be able to lose your extra pounds. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to sign up for the program and begin your wonderful journey of becoming a gorgeous woman.