How does it work?

With the increased awareness about the evils of being overweight, women have become much conscious these days. They go on diet and exercise vigorous workouts at gym sweating their bodies resulting in eventual weight loss. But, what is this, after some time the weight has arrived again like tennis ball thrown on wall. Do you know why? Before knowing answer, say thanks to the miraculous weight loss program “The Venus Factor” which helps you to overcome this issue. There are some more interesting facts about this program and its working, let’s understand how exactly this works. Before that, let’s understand its crucial component “Leptin”.

What is Leptin ?

leptin hormoneLeptin is a hormone (discovered in 1994) found in human body and is responsible to control metabolism. The key role of Leptin is to regulate the intake and expenditure of energy. So, it might be one of the most crucial hormones which will decide your health and existence. Leptin propels signal to your brain whether you should be hungry, diet or eat. In short, with the help of leptin your body’s fat reserves communicates with brain informing how much energy is left and what now has to be done.

If your leptin signals are working perfect and your fat reserves are “full”, the extra fat will surge your leptin level signaling your brain to stop being hungry and start burning some extra fats off.

What is Leptin Resistance?

The body has surplus leptin in it but it doesn’t responds to the way it is supposed to, this state is termed as “leptin resistance”. In other words, you have plenty of leptin in your body but the brain is not receiving vital signal to stop eating.

leptin resistance

As leptin levels keep going higher and you become overweight. “We all have a leptin floor; the problem is, we don’t have a leptin ceiling,” says Lustig, a subject researcher. In leptin resistance, the level of leptin in body is high but your brain can’t see it. In other words, your body is obese but your brain is starved. So, obesity is nothing but brain’s starvation.

Why does leptin resistance happen?

Although the specific reason of leptin resistance in not yet discovered but there is a hypothesis behind it. Leptin in the blood is not reaching to right target for some reasons and thus appetite is out of control.

The Venus Factor and Leptin Resistance

You might have noticed that most of the efficient diet programs end up talking about the dietary plan and none of them give importance to the hormonal balance in human system. There strict diet plans supply vital protein to the body but fails to control appetite. Resulting in weight loss but soon after few weeks you again comes to same point of obesity.

The entire game of The Venus Factor weight loss program revolves around leptin. The program ensures that the followers don’t get in the crib of leptin resistance to any further extent. This is the most ironic fact about The Venus Factor program is that it doesn’t let you gain your weight again.

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