About John Barban

John BarbanJohn Barban is a well-known nutritionist and fitness expert. He did his Masters in Human Biology from the University of Guelph. Besides being a genius nutritionist, he is also famed expert in Physiology and Biology. He is the creator of the world famous “The Venus Factor System” for women and “Adonis Golden Ratio” for men. It might be possible that you have never heard about him or his program ever before today but it’s the highly searched online health care program with around 1000+ daily searches (according to Google).

He created this program after serving his life’s eight years to major brands who develop sports and dietary supplements. Right now he is a full time nutritionist and fitness trainer and is helping thousands of people to meet their fitness goals. He has got popularity across the globe just because of his exceptional approach towards weight loss programs, especially for women. His own body physique is so incredible that makes him a star personality to follow. He has got various certifications and awards in health and fitness niche.

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