Venus Factor Review

sad-girlEvery time when a guy used to pass through my side me, all I ever did was to look at my stomach if it looked out enough. Yes, I was too conscious about my body. I was in dilemma, continuously searching all over the internet ways of burning down my fat and retain a perfect body. But, every time I heard about any new product, there used to be scam all around associated with me. I was losing my hope of being slim.

But, luckily for me, my world was just about to change.

I met my old school friend who was the victim of daily jokes in the school days, all for her big heavy body. But, after I looked at her, I was shocked to see her in perfect body shape. I thought probably she would’ve worked hard at the gym, but she informed that the secret of her changeover was “The Venus Factor”.

This encounter with the friend insisted me to check out more about this product, so I kept searching for more info online. I came to know that The Venus Factor claims to have helped a lot of women, singles and moms; those went on to lose a lot of extra fat in a very short time using it. I was feeling more interested in knowing more about this product. After making R&D for about one week, I ordered it. It cost me $47 which was a reasonable price.

Stuff received with The Venus Factor

  • The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide
  • The Fat Burning 12-Week Workout Program
  • The Virtual Nutritionist Software Application
  • Access to 130+ online/downloadable videos
  • Access to The Venus Community

Most Interesting things about The Venus Factor

Venus Factor Weight Loss GuideIt provides the whole set of tips about all those that should be followed and those that should be prohibited like keep doing men type exercises without much knowing about it. All you need to do is to follow step by step instructions provided in the Venus Factor Program kit. You won’t be requiring any sort of expensive gym equipments with it. This program will bring out the best in you, and will make you fit and sexy.

Since, it’s a weight-loss program; you will have to skip ice-creams and other foods high in fat content. But, still you’re allowed to eat other things in moderation. Since the starting of the program, many fitness bloggers has found it to be legit and they keep re-writing the success stories after trying the product personally.


  • Based on scientific facts and extensive research
  • Emphasizes on “right shape” besides mere “weight loss” – that’s the best way to focus on for women.
  • Equipped with easy to follow manual and video tutorials for better understanding
  • Works for all women with any level of fitness.
  • No need to spend on expensive gym equipments and no need to sweat with exercises
  • Comes along with 60 days complete refund guarantee
  • Access to venus community which helps to keep you motivated all throughout.
  • No need to count calories; you can enjoy the food you like (but moderately).
  • The success stories are highly inspiring and people have witnessed dramatic transformations in body.
  • References are cited by Author that shows the credibility of every claim that program makes.


  • The program is strictly for women. Although, an equivalent program is designed by same author for men is “Adonix Golden Ratio
  • Since the program is hosted online, so, in order follow it, you need to have internet access all the time.
  • The program has several terminologies like sets and reps, weight categories, etc. and if you are a beginner than you might need to research to understand these terms.

The verdict

The Venus Factor program is a must-use product for those who really want to lose extra pounds. This product is moderately priced and comes with 60 day money back guarantee which is the biggest plus point for us.

So, Venus Factor Review from my side is 100% positive as I have already shred around 15 pounds using it. This product is a wonderful opportunity for females who are eagerly looking out for a legit weight loss program.

Venus Factor Review