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You might have come across several weight loss programs and the most common in all of them is the same old principle of intake less calories and burn more calories by doing workouts and exercises. Am I right? You’ll gain it again for sure, especially if you are a woman. Now you might be wondering what makes “The Venus Factor” so special and out of the world. Just checkout…

What is The Venus Factor?

The Venus FactorThe Venus Factor is a 12-Week Fat Loss System by John Barban. Especially designed for woman it’s a complete body transformation program which helps them to lose weight and reshape their bodies. The most interesting thing is that it comes along with 60 days money back guarantee. The entire program and its success moves around leptin.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells in human body. Its job is to regulate the human body metabolism. In general, you will be normal weight or underweight, if you are sensitive to Leptin. On the other hand, if you are resistant to leptin, you are likely to be overweight.

brain leptin resistance

Interestingly, this leptin is present in both men and women. In fact, women have it in almost double quantity as compared to men. But, the problem is that a woman’s body is less responsive to this hormone in comparison to men. And thus after having it in double quantity, women may find it hard to lose weight even after working hard at gym and diet every day.

What makes The Venus Factor Program so special?

Now since you have understood the role of leptin in human body, let’s take a look on how The Venus Factor program makes use of this hormone in weight loss for women. Basically, the entire program is broken into 5 parts. Each segment of it tackles with different elements of your body causing higher Leptin resistance than usual. By controlling leptin resistance, you are encouraging natural regulation metabolism, appetite and eventually, your weight.

The Venus Factor System Quick Breakdown

1) The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide

Venus Factor Weight Loss Guide

You will receive an e-book stating about food items that raise your leptin resistance and how to stay away from them. You will get complete knowledge about the right food stuff you need to intake in order to enhance the effectiveness of Leptin in your body. Along with this you’ll also get a crash course in calorie counting that tells you how to eat and learn portion control.

2) The Fat Burning 12-Week Workout Program

12 Week Workout ProgramYou get access to an ultimate 12 week workout guide. You can use this 3 months guide while being at home and also at gym. It is a step by step guide with fat burning workout routines. These are easy to follow workout patters which are aimed to bring you back in classic feminine hourglass shape that have ever you wished for.

3) The Virtual Nutritionist Software Application

In addition to Venus Factor books, you will get access to a software application which will act as a personal trainer for you. This virtual nutritionist software app helps you to measure your calorie intake against the ideal numbers. So, it gives you a quick idea of how far you are from your ideal diet to achieve your weight loss target.

Virtual Nutritionist Software Application

4) Online Videos

You also receive access to 130+ splendid videos demonstrating exercises for better understanding and implementation. These videos help you to easily learn the workouts without hiring personal trainers thereby eliminating extra overhead expenses.

5) The Venus Community

The community is nothing but a forum where you will find women as like you. You can share your story, ideas and beliefs with them. This will help you to keep motivated all throughout the entire program.

the venus community

The Venus Factor Review—Conclusion

The Venus Factor has given a new dimension to women aspiring weight loss. While still following to the classical approach (eat less and work more), it’s a scientific way to quickly meet our weight loss goals. Thanks to the understanding of Leptin which was overlooked by weight loss community since long time. Without any question, you get complete refund as the program is backed by Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

venus factor guarantee

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